Artech is a 501(3) arts nonprofit that is passionate about creativity and innovation. 

At the heart of Artech’s mission is our goal is to create a sustainable Art community in Northern Nevada by fostering collaborative spaces, events, and education.

We engage  the community by creating pop up temporary art parks as gathering spaces with regular free programming. Producing an annual Art Festival that brings national, regional and local visual artists to downtown Reno that gives the community an opportunity to buy art, enjoy free performances and participate in a full weekend of art activities.

Providing educational opportunities for the community through classes and art exhibitions in our studio space. If people are exposed to art and the creative process, it becomes an integral part of their lives.

These experiences will be the catalyst to a lifetime appreciation of and a respect for their own creativity and the creativity of others.


Maria Partridge, Executive Director

Ryan Adams, President & Chief Executive Officer
Occupation – Entrepreneur

Carola Nan Roach, Officer / Secretary
Occupation – Artist

Carol Quinn, Officer / Treasurer
Occupation – Retired High School Art Teacher

David Lan, Director
Occupation – Focused Computing

Jenny Herz, Director
Occupation – Retired Medical Professional

Daniel Kappes, Director
Occupation – President for Kappes, Cassiday & Associates