Reno Neon Line

The Neon Line District is a proposed, private developer infill redevelopment effort located in Downtown Reno. The District is anticipated to be a dynamic, mixed-use entertainment district that proposes to include the construction of 2,000-3,000 residential units, the expansion, renovation, and rebranding of the Sands Regency Casino Hotel, world class artwork from both local and international artists, and an array of other commercial, retail, plaza, green space, convention an entertainment venues.

Reno’s Neon Line District is proud to feature a collection of world class art including sculptures formerly at Burning Man festival. These art installations will blow your mind and tap into your soul. Snap a photo and tap into the wild creativity at Reno’s Neon Line District.


Michael Christian


Burning Man 2018


inspired by the beauty, form and design of nature

Tara Mechani

By Dana Albany

Burning Man 2017

Tara Mechani is a modern day representation of the female Buddha, Tara, intermingled with future characteristics of the robotic. She encompasses both the past and the future, melding worlds of ancient wisdom ideology with future mechanics and technology.

The sculpture is composed of 80% recycled materials.


Charles A. Gadeken

BM in 2014

Steel, plastic, wood, light and magic

SQUARED is an other-worldly totem of gigantic proportions, the product of a futuristic world post-nature. This tree reflects the universe of complexity, mystery, and serendipity that defines our journey through time and emergence into the future age. SQUARED represents the evolution of organic matter and its amalgamation with digital technology.

Rearing Horse

Barry Crawford, Crawford Metal Works

Burning Man 2018

Steel/Found Objects

Rearing Horse is a large scale kinetic sculpture. The sculptures mechanical effects include moving front legs, mane, tail, neck, and ears, all of which can be controlled by turning cranks on the sculpture’s perimeter fence. Rearing Horse is made almost entirely from repurposed parts of old machinery found in junk piles.

Broken but Together

By Michael Benisty

Burning Man 2019

Mirror polished stainless steel

Showing a more fragile side of relationships.

Supporting each other

Long View: A Polar Bear Stands in the Desert

By Don Kennell and Lisa Adler with DKLA Design crew: Zach Greer, Caleb Smith, Miguel Lucio & Joel Sisson

Burning Man 2018

Steel, 100 recycled car hoods and glass eyes.

Edna the polar bear is an arctic ambassador making the connection between habitat loss and our carbon footprint.

Bee Dance

Andrea Greenlees

Digital Design: Josh Haywood

Fabrication: Andy Tibbetts

Burning Man 2019

Steel and Copper

‘Bee Dance’ celebrates one of the most fascinating examples of communication in the natural world. It is a whimsical and inviting art installation in the form of two gigantic Dancing Bees, their legs entwined and their heads touching in a bee kiss. On their feet they wear gleaming copper ballet shoes with copper ribbons.

Forager bees leave the hive to find nectar and pollen and when they return they perform an intricate dance routine to communicate the distance and direction of the food resources to the other bees.

This installation reminds us that there is nothing more marvellous than that which already occurs in nature. It also serves to remind us of the crucial role played by honeybees in our own survival, at a time when the world bee population is declining.

Michael Christian


Commissioned for the Reno Neon Line

Location TBD – recently moved from Fourth and Washington St for casino expansion

Desert Guard

Lu Ming and the Beijing Burners

Burning Man 2018

Lu Ming’s design is inspired by the armor of Genghis Khan whose Mongolian empire ruled China during a part of the 14th century. The Mongolian army resisted their enemies’ aggression thanks to Genghis Khan’s military tactics, a strong system of weapons and their special armor. It had a very primitive but effective shock absorbing and impact diverting system. This art piece enlarges the armor to a height of 15 metres weighing 10 tons and embedded the soul of a Mongolian warrior. It wants to remind everyone, that we must never use artificial intelligence for war. Otherwise, humanity creates weapons that kill us. We hope that this warrior makes us realize that we shouldn’t only worship technology, but also put restrictions in place.

Reno Experience District (RED)

RED, is an acronym for ‘Reno Experience District.’ It is both a world of its own and a part of the world’s biggest little city. RED features two new luxury apartment communities, a 2-acre public park with a jumbo LED screen, retail, and a hotel with much more!

RED, located on Plumb and Virginia St. This prime location in Central Reno places people amidst the city’s finest cultural experiences as well as minutes away from downtown, midtown, and the Reno-Tahoe airport. As Reno’s premier urban playground, RED will add to the city:

  • 1,300 Luxury Apartment Homes/li>
  • 65,000 sq. ft. of Curated Retail
  • 170-Key Element Hotel
  • 83 Flex-Stay Apartments for Corporate Travelers
  • Indoor/Outdoor Market Hall
  • 2 Acre Public Park

Entwined by Charlie Gadekan

Passage by Dana Albany

Playground by Michael Christian

MARIA PARTRIDGE is the Executive Director for Artech and has been producing Playa Art Park since 2016. As a Project Manager for Burning Man since 2012, Maria has been working with artists from around the world to create safe, interactive sculptures for the event. She has been on the Board of Advisors for Burning Man’s nonprofit art organization the Black Rock Arts Foundation since 2008. Working as the civic arts liaison in Reno she has placed temporary installations of Burning Man art in downtown Reno on an annual basis. Maria has served on Reno’s Arts and Culture Commission and the Public Art Committee. In the past 5 years Artech has commissioned and placed existing Burning Man art in 14 locations. Working with cities: Reno and Sparks, Washoe County and local businesses the following sculptures have been either commissioned, purchased or temporarily placed with 3-5 year contracts.