Participating Artists:

New for 2019:
Ryan Mathern Tonglen
Misha Naiman, Gray Davidson with Marjorelle Arts  Methuselah
Adrian Landon – APOCALYPTO
Returning/Staying from 2017:
Andrea Greenlees A Chicken and Egg Situation
Scott Froschauer The Ten Principles
Kyle Larrain Scultura di Colletivo 
Mike Grey Sunrise Sunset Horseshoe Bench
Andrea Greenlees Transparenza
Joe C. Rock Daydream mural



Ryan Mathern

A placid face of segmented, polished metal, eyes calm and lips pursed, supported by a neck armature containing two volumes, a diamond and a heart. The top of the head is 16’ from the ground and the chin is 7’. Behind the mouth, inside the curve of the head is a diamond shaped combustion chamber and below it, just off the ground, a heart shaped bellows.


Methuselah by Misha Naiman, Gray Davidson with Majorelle Arts

(Burning Man Honorarium art from 2017)

The Methuselah is a scale model of the oldest Bristlecone Pine tree, 26 ft tall with a twisted trunk 8ft in diameter. Structural strength for the piece will be provided by an armature of 2” square steel tubing, over which plates of sheet metal and recycled tubing will be welded to form bark and burls. The bark will be patinated to blues, browns and whites, and grooves in the metal will be filled with colored glass and chimes will hang above.

Adrian Landon
“Metal sculptor Adrian Landon brings forth to you his expression, through steel, of his experience and close connection to the incredible and unique majestic animal that most people once knew, the symbiotic relationship with horses. One can feel the energy by looking into the eyes of these creations, the energy of these powerful beasts, and the energy that was put into their making, hours of pounding sheet metal by hand and with machines that the artist designed and built himself.
Landon has been sculpting for 10 years now in New York City.


   SCULTURA DI COLLETIVO is a sculpture of wings preparing to take flight inspired by the drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci created for Burning Man 2016. It was designed and built by a small team of blacksmiths from Truckee, Reno, Tasmania and Colombia. The wings are made of forged and fabricated steel and wrought iron using many traditional blacksmithing techniques and joinery. Although built in a modern day shop, much of the work was done by hand using hammers and anvils. 

 Andrea Greenlees  from Surbiton, UK
A CHICKEN AND EGG SITUATION is one where it is impossible to say which of two things happened first or caused the other to happen. This installation, featuring both chicken and eggs, takes the traditional riddle and turns it into a giant art object focused on the immediate experience of play. It has a smooth curvilinear metal framework in the shape of a huge chicken, with a cage of tubular steel hoops forming the body and a large circular opening at the rear, which Burners climb into via a ladder. Inside there is a pile of gigantic leather-covered foam eggs that they can lie on and hug and frolic about in. The activities of the Participants themselves turn the installation into performance art. Aesthetically it is a shape of great purity and simplicity, emphasizing the ovoid and symbolising fertility. The artwork is the creative expression of a paradox that has exercised philosophers and scientists for centuries Which came first, the chicken or the egg?


by Shane Pitzer

THE TEN PRINCIPLES OF BURNING MAN are the guiding force behind the Burning Man Culture. Scott Froschauer’s homage to these principles is a representation of his desire to bring the culture of Burning Man out of Black Rock City and into the rest of the world. The signs are built to Department of Transportation specification, so they follow the rules of this world while carrying the massage of the Burning Man world.
Scott’s series of street signs, called The Word on The Street, can be found in front yards, municipal parks, libraries and public spaces around the country. This particular piece was at Burning Man 2017 and is also going to be represented at the No Spectators, The Art of Burning Man” show at the Renwick Gallery of The Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC, opening in March of 2018.




Andrea Greenlees
“Trasparenza is a transparent structure resembling a sparkling crystal crown,” according to the city of Reno’s list. “Twelve turreted triangular towers form a chapel-like installation. It will be made entirely of clear cast acrylic panels laser-cut with intricate detail. The imagery of the lower panels represents the heraldic emblems of the master guilds of Florence and a Medici coat of arms represents philanthropy. The laser-cut motifs on the inner walls illustrate Leonardo’s lifelong preoccupations including geometry, architecture, engineering, hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, anatomy and painting. The arches through which participants enter and leave feature the inscription SAPER VEDERE, meaning “knowing how to see.” A humanist chapel, Trasparenza is a place for Reno citizens to play in and pray in.”


Joe C. Rock